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The Barbados Association of Energy Professionals is proposing the following idea to have fountains in the Careenage:

Three floating solar powered fountains will aerate the water in the inner basin of the Constitution River without the continual expensive method of using electricity from the grid. Solar powered fountains will churn, adding oxygen to the almost still water. Using solar power will lessen the cost of the maintaining the fountains. The more oxygen generated in the water over time will cause the Constitution River eco-system to produce and maintain more marine life.

The fountains will be floating and will be tethered to the side of the inner basin in a way that they can be moved to the side of the Careenage.

The beauty of the picturesque fountains will revitalize interest in the Historic site of Bridgetown and its Garrison because of its high aesthetic value. In front of these fountains many will gather for pictures in the foreground off the neo-gothic Parliament building on one bank or the statue of the Father of the Independence, the Right Honorable Errol Walton Barrow on the other bank or to attend events and public functions.

The three fountains represent the three prongs in the broken trident in the Barbados flag and on the country’s 50th Anniversary symbol located at the Garrison Savannah. The three fountains also represent the original 3 islands that made up Barbados. The main island, Culpepper Island and Pelican Island (merged with the main island since 1966). Finally the three fountains will represent the three pillars of sustainability (Economic, Social and Environmental).

Solar fountains will showcase one of the many ways that solar energy can be used on the island. It will encourage stake holders to invest in solar energy projects. As public awareness grows there will be a greater use of solar energy. An increase in the use of solar energy means a decrease in more expensive and less environmentally friendly sources of energy. The money saved will become available to be used in other areas of development of the nation. The healing of the eco-system will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.