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Green Fashion Week Concept

The Green Fashion Week will have the following for green fashion themes:

7 days of fashion:

  • Day 1: Naturally Green
  • Day 2: Re-Greened
  • Day 3: Green Heroes & Heroines
  • Day 4: Generation Green
  • Day 5: Green Transformations
  • Day 6: Virtually Green
  • Day 7: Green Awards Ceremony & Gala Wear

Day 1: Naturally Green:

  • Clothing and jewellery
  • Clothes that use non-synthetic dyes
  • Clothing that are hand woven that do not require climate changing electricity
  • Clothing whose disposal will not negatively impact the environment
  • Dresses made from hand woven materials, using natural threads
  • Jewellery made from stones, whose production and mining practices do not impact the environment
  • Materials that are coloured using natural dyes, such as indigo used by early inhabitants of the twin island state

Day 2: Re-Greened:

There are many materials that we use which are destined to impact negatively on the earth through their disposal.

Many of these items can actually be recycled and repurposed for fashion clothing and/or accessories.

For example ends cut from cloth in garment factories can be sewn together to produce additional garments.

Ends cut from leather shoe production can be used as craft or accessories. Shoes can also be made from discarded used car tyres.

We can also up-cycle used clothing to renewed garments ( Upcycled clothing takes an existing garment and improves it, whether by combining it with other garments and materials or adding ornamental flare, like using embroidery and patchwork to mend holes. While repairing flaws is one of the benefits of upcycling clothes, upcycling goes beyond repairing an item).

Day 3: Green Heroes & Heroines

Honoring the men and women who have championed environmental protection.

The Green heroes and heroines are persons in the region and the world working in environmental organizations or are environmental officers or workers in public and private companies, NGOs, international organizations or are even self-employed persons.

The models for this day will be green heroes and heroines.

Day 4: Generation Green:

The next generation will inherit the earth. We begin the process in passing on the knowledge and stewardship of climate change and environmental protection to them at an early and youthful stage through experience and practice in green fashion and conservation.

For this fashion day the youth will not just wear the fashion but will also have a final decision on which of the fashion they wear represents their own taste for their own future.

These youth models will be drawn predominately from disadvantaged communities.

The fashion creations will be a collaboration between the youth and designers.

Day 5: Green Transformations:

There are green fashion and accessories which as part of the new multi-tasking multi using lifestyle which have more than one use.

A good example is a fashionable cap which is green but also has a solar panel that charges a cell phone. Solar bags, solar glasses, solar dresses have all been launched in different parts of the world.

In addition, there are color changing T-shirts. Heat changing hair color (VIVIDS MOOD COLOR), Clothes that monitor air pollution (Aerochromics),

There are beads for necklaces and bracelets that change color in sunlight, breathable clothes that keep you cool in hot climate or even air-conditioned clothing (Kuchou-fuku trans: air-conditioned clothes).

This fashion day will display fashion items that have dual purpose.

Day 6: Virtually Green:

Contributions shown virtually on the social media platform using photography to showcase original Green Fashion.

Day 7: Green Awards Ceremony & Gala Wear:

The gala is the culminating event where rather than watching, the audience are themselves the exponents of green fashion and attend the reception type event in their own selection of green. This gives an opportunity for those who already have green fashion items to put their personal green taste on show and those who don’t can purchase from one of the fashion designers or trainee designers. The entrance fee and the auctioned fashion items will be used in the below mentioned green fashion training.

The awards will be green. Rather than a physical award that adds to the landfill, the awards presented will be environmentally benign (biodegradable and leaving only an memory). The awards will be provided in various categories. For example best natural outfit or jewelry, best green hero and heroine ( who participated as a model).; Most green fashion retail and wholesale stores; Fashion buyer with greatest dollar or percentage commitment to buying green fashion.

It is also expected that several retailers and wholesalers will use this day to announce contracts or promises to buy certain levels of green fashion ( a dollar value or percentage of products sold).